How do I select the right cover for my MacBook?
First you need to know what model of MacBook you have. From your MacBook Choose Apple menu > About This Mac. This will tell you the model, size and approximate date of manufacture of your MacBook.
We currently sell covers in 7 distinct sizes:
Glitty for Macbook Pro Retina - available in 13" and 15" - Fits MacBook Pro models from 2012 - 2015
Glitty for Macbook Pro Touchbar - available in 13" and 15" - Fits MacBook Pro models from 2016-2017
Glitty for Macbook 12' - Fits MacBook 12" models from 2016-2017
Glitty for Macbook Air - available in 11" and 13" - Fits MacBook Air models from 2012 - 2017
Selecting the right cover is important as each cover was designed to exactly fit the cover of your MacBook. Earlier models of MacBook may not be compatible with Glitty.
Is it possible to reuse a MacBook/iPad cover?
Our products are not intended to be detached and reused on other devices. Indeed, one of the virtues of the 3M adhesive that we use is to stick perfectly without damaging the aluminum of the MacBook, but then it doesn't restick. We chose to this kind of adhesive to guarantee an excellent experience with the product on a single MacBook or iPad, rather than an average experience on multiple devices.
Is there a bottom part for the MacBook cover?
Glitty for MacBook only covers the top of your MacBook. Why hide this style underneath?
Do you ship worldwide?
The answer to your question is YES! We ship worldwide. We're offering two shipping options: USPS and FedEx.
USPS (cost effective, but longer delivery times)
USPS is the most cost effective way to ship any parcel from the USA. Since we're shipping all our packages directly from our workshops in Pittsburgh, it's the cheapest way for you to get our products. However, please note that the tracking information is not very detailed once the package leaves the USA, and that your parcel may take a week or more to reach you.
FedEx (more expensive but fast, very reliable shipping)
After having worked with many different shipping providers, we've chosen FedEx as our expedited shipping option. If you select this shipping provider you'll be sure get your parcel quickly, anywhere on earth.
Based on your exact location, you can get more accurate details about shipping timelines on the checkout page.
What is the difference between the white Apple logo and the dark burned one on the MacBook models?
As you can see from the pictures on our website, we are offering two different types of products for Macs. Customers with older generations of MacBooks who have an illuminated Apple logo on the back receive a cover with a cutout to let the light shine through. On the other hand, customers who own new generations of MacBooks (MacBook 12'' or Late 2016 MacBook Pro) that no longer have illuminated Apple logo on the back receive a new type cover with an apple burned on the wood instead.
How do I install a Glitty cover?
We use high-quality 3M adhesive specially designed to adhere perfectly to aluminum and leave no trace in case you decide to remove the product in the future. Before you start, ensure that the surface of your MacBook is clean and dry. Trapped dust, dirt or liquid will have a negative impact on how well your cover sticks and its longevity. Before removing the backing of the adhesive, lay your Glitty cover for MacBook or iPad on top of your device to ensure it is the right size and to get a feel for the appropriate alignment. **add video here** Here is a list of steps you can find in the video: If you have a MacBook Pro Retina or a MacBook Air, you should carefully bend the left and right edge as shown in the video. This will allow the wood to marry the rounded shape of the MacBook into the corners and sides. Remove the back protective layer up to half. This will make the installation easier. In this way you will be able to concentrate on the two upper sides in order to align them perfectly. Slowly remove the rest of the protection and check that the alignment corresponds to the two lower corners. Drag your hand from the Apple Logo to all sides of the MacBook so that all parts stick well. This step is very important if you want the cover to last a long time and not come off. Show off your new Glitty cover!