We're Melissa & Trev

We are the co-owners of Glitty, a brand focused on blending tech accessories with natural materials since 2014.

A decade ago, Glitty pioneered the market with wood skins for MacBooks, our flagship product until 2020. That year marked our expansion into leather craftsmanship, introducing a new line of wood and leather MacBook cases, which quickly became our bestsellers.

Our journey with Glitty has been transformative. It enabled us to leave our full-time jobs, dive into entrepreneurship, and devote more time to family and our passions. Glitty is more than just a brand; it's a symbol of innovation, quality, and the seamless integration of technology with the natural world.

Beyond Glitty, we also run Byward Outfitters, where you'll also find our passion for unique craftsmanship, creating leather patch hats that embody the same craftmanship and adventurous spirit. Check out our leather patch hats from Byward Outfitters here.