Customize your MacBook.

Make it unique, in your image.

With our covers made of high-quality wood, we have attempted to do the impossible: design a unique and original cover for your computer while preserving the original sophistication of the MacBook. To get to this point, we needed to design each item individually, making them not only lighter and thinner, but also devising a xation perfectly suited to aluminum.

We believe that everyone is unique, and we hope to allow our customers to show it by customizing their Macbooks with high quality wood from trees mainly sourced from American forests. Each product is unique and has its own individualized grooves. Our products are manufactured by hand by the best craftsmen in our workshops in Pittsburgh, USA.

  • “stylish and unique”

  • “makes your laptop stand out”

  • “nice premium option”

  • “stylish real wood covers”

A noble material used for centuries.

Perfect Match with aluminum.

Keep it thin.

While adding that little unique twist.

Only by working with the best wood.

Majority of wood sourced from American forests.

Handcrafted in the United States.

Made with passion in our Pittsburgh workshops.