Purple Heart – Glitty for MacBook

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Slim, stylish and unforgivingly enticing. Each case is unique and handcrafted with utmost precision in the USA. We're exclusively using real wood coming from American and Canadian forests.

Crafted by hand in Canada.

Our products are made by expert craftsmen. Each product is carefully handmade in our workshop.

Wooden covers

Designed to withstand.

It’s not easy to keep your device stylish and smooth when you’re always on the go. We make sure you no longer have to worry about it. Designed to withstand even the harshest of conditions.

Wooden covers
FSC Certificate

FSC Certified Wood

FSC is a global organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. They create positive change by engaging the power of market dynamics.

Cover for Macbook
Cover for Macbook
Cover for Macbook
Cover for Macbook
Cover for Macbook
Cover for Macbook
Cover for Macbook
Cover for Macbook

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Have questions?

Are the product in real wood?
Yes, all our products are made out of real high quality wood. We select each piece of wood by picking only the unique and beautiful ones. Cherry and Walnut wood come from American forests while Ebony and Purple Heart wood are sourced in Africa and Latin America.
Where are the product made? Are they handmade?
All our products are handmade in the United States of America. Our workshops are located in Ottawa, Canada. We work with the best craftsmen in the country to make the most unique products possible. Each product is crafted by hand.
Why is the cover only covering the top part of the Macbook?
Our goal through Glitty is to offer the possibility to our customers to buy uniquely designed accessories with an absolutely unique and super original look. Our accessories are not intended to protect your Device, but to make it absolutely beautiful and out of the ordinary. Although our accessories protect your device against scratches, they are not shock resistant.
How durable are the products?
Do you know how many years a tree can live? Some can live hundreds of years. This material is extremely weather resistant and is particularly well weathered. If you treat your Macbook carefully, our products will remain in good condition for several years.
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes. Glitty ships worldwide. All prices are indicated on the checkout page. We offer two shipping solutions: USPS and FedEx.
Is it possible to reuse a cover on many devices?
Our products are unfortunately not intended to be detached and reused on other devices. Indeed, one of the virtues of the glue that we use is to stick perfectly without sobbing the aluminum of the MacBook. We chose to select this kind of glue, to guarantee an excellent experience with the product on a single MacBook, rather than an average experience on multiple devices.