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Skin Our skins are handcrafted, super thin and lightweight. The minimalist design is more for style than protection. Case Our cases combine the natural beauty of wood that you love with a hard shell for the protection that you need.

Yes, it’s milled from real stone. Run your fingers over it and you will feel the rich texture. We apply multiple coats of sealant to enhance its unique characteristics and give it a durable and long-lasting finish.

Our Promise

We are proud of the detail and craftsmanship that we invest into every product that we make in our workshop, and we want you to be delighted with your Glitty purchase. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your product, our promise to you is to make the process of returning or exchanging your item a hassle-free experience. 

- Trevor, Glitty Shop Owner

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We are proud to manufacture extremely high-quality products that exceed customer expectations related to overall quality and craftmanship. Because of this, we stand by every Glitty product with a 6 month warranty.

More about our Wood Cases & Skins

Wood MacBook Cases

The hard shell frame is ultra slim. With a matte black textured finish that is easy to grip, it firmly clasps to the top and bottom of your MacBook but is also easily removable. The elevated rubber feet and vents on the bottom case are great for air flow and heat dissipation.

Above the protective shell sits the natural beauty of sustainably sourced wood and we finish it by hand using an organic oil & wax blend to accentuate its unique characteristics. We apply multiple coats to give it a durable and long-lasting finish.

Wood MacBook Skins

The product that started it all for Glitty. We were among the first to bring Wood MacBook Skins to the world back in 2014 and the simplicity and beauty has made this our best seller year after year.

Less than 1mm thick, our Wood Skins add no weight and no bulk to your MacBook. We use exceptionally high quality and high cost 3M adhesive which leaves absolutely no residue when removed.


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